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VIVITA SOAP AND STUFF APOTHECARY/STUDIO (http://vivitanews.blogspot.com/)


​​"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It's not something physical"


"Art is Music for the Soul."


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After a successful start as a holistic spa owner in Mirvish Village... Owner (the uni-named: Vivita, tried her hand at succesfully creating a line of luxury & theraputic soap products, that matched the professionalism, of her poular highly rated Down-town T.O. natural holistic facial clinic @ Vivita Spa (https://www.vivitaspa.com/).

Vivita's Apothecary Soap & Stuff Shoppe (http://vivitanews.blogspot.com/)

/ Studio's Meetup Organizer [& Vivita Spa Owner:] Vivita (https://www.vivitaspa.com/), created a new local art and VIVITA bath products-brand studio, with resident creative soap-jockey/mngr. & Artist / Author: Kount Kracula (https://www.facebook.com/tony.watt2) (What's Inside Your Gut Shmut? (https://www.amazon.com/Whats-Inside-Your-Gut-Shmut/dp/1982930446)) that supported her interest in showcasing Soapmaking, theatrical production, local arts & craft specialists, filmmakers, movie/tv actors/directors, yoga instructors, shaminic musicians & the creative wellness community.

Why not also check out our BLOG (http://vivitanews.blogspot.com/)/ events page, for our diversive upcoming Toronto, Canada based events.

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-Vivita & The VIVITA's Apothecary Soap & Stuff Team (http://vivitanews.blogspot.com/)

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VIVITA's APOTHECARY SOAP AND STUFF SHOPPE/STUDIO (http://vivitanews.blogspot.com/)






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