What we're about

This is a group of picture takers who simply enjoy the occasional outing with camera in hand. The intent here is to experience sites from nature to man-made... forests to architecture... flowers to sculptures… landscapes to events… creatures to humans. Anything really. Just leisurely photo walks, while taking time to compose shots along the way. It is an excuse to get outside. It is an excuse to periodically use our cameras. It is an excuse to have an enjoyable time.

Other than the photo walks, there are no meetings, no contests, no critiquing, no voting, no boasting, and no referencing Ansel Adams (snicker). But you are welcome to share advice, if asked. In other words, we are here to enjoy the simple pleasure of taking pictures, without uninvited influence from others.

What to expect...
As this is a new group, the intent is that outings will occur somewhat regularly. Ideas for outings are encouraged.

There may be a periodic "photo challenge" to simply act as a fun motivator to shoot something different (ex: "rust"). This is not a contest. Just optional motivation. Your photo can be posted to the flickr group, if you wish to do so.

We have a flickr group in which to share photos taken on the outings and for challenges, if you desire to do so (you’ll need a flickr account – which is free). The flickr group has guidelines keeping with the spirit of this group. The purpose is primarily so that others can see through your eyes as to what inspired you to take a particular photo. The link to the flickr group is... https://www.flickr.com/groups/vi_photowalks

What you need to bring...
- something (anything) that takes pictures.
- optionally, water and food, such as an energy bar.
- appropriate attire for the outing and weather. This includes appropriate footwear, as some outings will have obstacles and conditions that may cause tripping and/or slipping.

Past events (9)

Elk Falls Photowalk

Elk Falls

Little Qualicum Falls Photowalk - Rain or Shine

Little Qualicum Falls Park

Westwood Lake Photowalk - Rain or Shine

Westwood Lake trail

Stoney Hill Trail

Stoney Hill Regional Park

Photos (70)

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