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Meet other climbers in the area, find climbing partners, and have fun!

-- If you already rock climber indoors or outside on a regular basis and want to climb outside more, I lead a second group that may interest you: https://www.meetup.com/Whipper/

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Crystal City Earth Treks Sunday Climbing

Earth Treks Crystal City

Hi. Meet at the whiteboard at the bottom of the stairs to the climbing area to find a partner and trade belays (top rope or lead). I sometimes boulder at this time, so message me beforehand and i’ll make sure to find you a partner. Thanks 10am EST, Earth Treks Crystal City

Rockville Earth Treks on Sundays!

Earth Treks - Rockville

Welcome to the Sunday ET Meetup! This is our most popular weekly event! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, this is a great way to meet other climbing enthusiasts. If you've never climbed before, we can help you get started and show you the basics. If you have climbed before and need someone to belay, we can do that, too. If you're an expert climber, you're probably better than the rest of us, but we won't hold that against you. Help! I'm here and I don't see anyone. What do I do? This is a normal occurrence with this type of Meetup. People tend to pair up with familiar faces immediately. Hosts usually do not wait around. Non-frequent flyers are often no-shows. We suggest you ask the front desk to page for Meetup. If a host/organizer is present, someone will arrive. Otherwise, feel free to explore for members (we are happy to triple up!), use the trade-a-belay board for the general population or check out the boulder cave. To avoid not finding people, post your clothing description in the discussion or ask others to do the same. Not a gym member and/or need to rent gear? Visit here (https://www.earthtreksclimbing.com/rockville) for the latest prices for gym day, series or season passes and rentals. Looking to lead climb? We vary on attendance for those who can lead climb. We recommend posting on the discussion board below to see if another person is available to lead climb with you. New to climbing? It is recommended that beginner climbers get belayed certified prior to joining the group. Purchase the Introduction to Climbing: Belay Lesson (https://www.earthtreksclimbing.com/rockville/instruction) and get a second one free for a friend! If you don't know how to belay, contact the host prior to joining the event to ensure availability arrangements. New to the group? Please check the RSVP list to see if a host/organizer is attending. If you have trouble finding people in the group have Earth Treks page for a Meetup member. We recommend that newcomers post on the event discussion board with details of your wardrobe and to indicate you're new to our group! Look at the attendance list to see if a host/organizer is present for best results. Please keep in mind that this Meetup caters to the 18+ crowd. Families are recommended to use Earth Treks programs such as open climbs. What if an organizer or host isn't present? The Meetup event runs itself host or no host. Go ahead and pair up with anyone available. You don't need any special "go ahead" from a host. Climb on!

Crystal City EarthTreks Monday Night

Earth Treks Crystal City

Let's Meetup and climb. Meet at the belay board at the bottom of the stairs in the top rope area.

Rockville Earth Treks Monday Night Climbing

Earth Treks

Climbers of all skill levels are welcome! The only prerequisite is passing the top rope belay check prior to the event. If you're new to climbing, we recommend taking Earth Treks Introduction to Climbing course first. We meet past the front desk near the benches on the left, next to the fitness room entrance. If you can't find anyone after the start time, ask the front desk to page for a meetup group member.

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Rockville Earth Treks Saturday Morning Climbing

Earth Treks - Rockville

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