• Hackathon Digital Reality

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    HACKATHON DIGITAL REALITY, MARCH 4 and 5, 2017 >>SIGN UP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/digital-reality-hackathon-tickets-31110188411?ref=ebtn There is something odd going on, in our human brain. It is easily fooled. Confronted with sound and images, the brain doesn’t know what the actual source is. Is is physically real? Is it a digital reality? This flaw opens opportunities to play tricks on brains. Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, you can come up with wholesome solutions. Like easing children with ADHD. Or like giving a very sick child the chance to travel beyond the walls of the clinic. What ‘happy hack’ are you working on at the Hackathon Digital Reality on March 4 and 5? Some of the cool Toolies we have available are Oculus Rift, a Vive and a Hololens. If you are a virgin Hololens user we advise you to download the software beforhand (it’s a time consuming activity!). Here is the link: https://developer.microsoft.com/nl-nl/windows/holographic/install_the_tools Designer, developer, therapist, experience expert, gamer: join the hack! For a really good VR- or AR-experience, one needs ideas, expertise and insights form various angles: psychology, gaming, design, personal experience, therapeutic knowledge. So, your creative mind is welcome too. Join in, get into a mixed team (or arrange one yourself) and win. There are prizes to be won, from € 1.500,-, € 1.000,- and € 500,-. MORE INFO: http://digitalreality.nl/ https://www.initiate.nl/event/hackathon-digital-reality/ SIGN UP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/digital-reality-hackathon-tickets-31110188411?ref=ebtn