Canceled Meetup

POSTPONED: Real Estate Deal Maker & Investor Event - postponed till Fall.


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Date to be announced.

Special guest speaker: Phil Murphy, ex-President of the Illinois Self Storage Association, the driving force of a multimillion dollar start-up business and the winner of the December 2012 Funding Feeding Frenzy.

Owners, Deal Makers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Portfolio Managers, Commercial and Residential are welcome!

Most of the Investors / Deal Makers are also business owners or founders of other companies too, which equals even more opportunities for profitable collaboration.
Registration and Payment Required for Attendance. Register below: Only $20 early bird, $25 regular and $30 at the door.

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This event is designed to bring together Real Estate Investors, keep track of the local RE Marketplace and find opportunities to benefit the members of the meetup who are investing in, buying or selling real estate.
Topics / Agenda:
6pm to 6:30pm Open Networking & Food
6:30pm to 7pm Attendee Intros and "State of the Market"
7pm to 7:45pm Main Topic Phil Murphy
8:30pm Opportunities, Deals, Deals Wanted
Post Event Networking 8:30pm - ???
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*Agenda Review
*RE Project Types
*Market Conditions
*Deal Structures / Opportunities
*Opportunities Wanted
*Open Networking
There will be an amount of time for introductions, open "mastermind" discussion, deal review and collaboration, plus Q&A.
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Email or call David Culver @ 312-953-9919 for more information.
The VentureSHOT Team.