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What we’re about

This group is for people interested in Machine Learning and Data Science. It is intended to provide engaging, hands-on experiences in these branches of information technology for beginners and experts alike. By holding one another accountable for our own educational goals, we can create a synergistic network of students, practitioners, and enthusiasts.

Our mission is to support and promote women and gender minorities who are practicing, studying or are interested in the fields of machine learning and data science. The international WiMLDS organization is intended to supplement successful local meetups to connect women and gender minorities with others in the field locally and nationally. Read more about them at

It has been noted in queer and gender-fluid literature, as well as in our own community, that the word 'women' can sometimes feel alienating for people who are non-binary or female-identifying transgender. In 2020, we have changed the spelling of 'women' in our meetup group title to 'womxn': this is a term that has been used increasingly in common parlance since c. 2015 to support an intersectional feminist perspective that is more inclusive to the community we serve.

You can view the WiMLDS International Code of Conduct here:

Join us on our Slack channel! btvdev #wimlds

If you have questions in the interim, feel free to contact Jane Adams at jane[at]universalities[dot]com or @janeadams on the BTVdev Slack channel.