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Lightroom and RAW-Workflow Workshop
Don't know how to edit photos or not sure you're doing it right? Spending more than 10 minutes editing a photo? You're probably doing everything WRONG and could get way better results in significantly less time!! Learn the editing secrets of top professional photographers and a proper RAW-Workflow. See how to CORRECTLY, SUPER QUICKLY, and EASILY import, cull, keyword, edit, and export THOUSANDS of photos in MINUTES instead of hours. WITH EVEN BETTER RESULTS! Local Photography Pro and Adobe Lightroom expert, Steve Mermelstein will present Lightroom to you in an accessible and very easy to understand format. Many of Lightroom's newest features offer extraordinary time savings thanks to recent improvements and the addition of highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence! But most users aren't even aware of these tools, where they've hidden them, or how to use them to their full potential. Steve will show you how to access and use all of Lightroom's most powerful and important tools, when/when not to use them, with super easy to understand step by step instructions anyone can follow! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to get started with image editing or needs to learn or brush up on Adobe Lightroom's newest features. It is NOT a disguised sales pitch for plugins, presets, other services, or software! Steve has helped many novices. Even experienced photographers and Pros, who have been using Lightroom and Photoshop for years and they were all extremely surprised by how much they been missing or misunderstanding. You'll be amazed at how incredible your photos can look! ****You're guaranteed to kick yourself for not learning this information sooner!**** With decades of photography and editing experience, plus constant continuing education, Steve can give qualified and informed answers to all your photography, photo workflow, and editing questions. He'll help solve editing issues, and can also give edit recommendations. Past attendees rave about how enthusiastic Steve is about sharing his knowledge and experiences. Free parking at Champlain College Miller Center or along Sears Ln. Requirements: • A working camera; any make/model with RAW capability, Aperture Priority (A or Av), Shutter Priority (S or Tv) and Manual (M) modes. Unsure? Need a recommendation? Ask in the comments below. We're happy to help. (Most cameras upwards of $500 and even many camera phones have these capabilities with a camera app downloaded from the app store.) • You're welcome to use our computers OR bring your own computer with Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom 6 installed. Cost: $199.99 per person. Price includes class fee and all materials. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED IF THERE ARE FEW (or zero) RSVPs SHOWN ON THIS PAGE. All our meetups are advertised to several different clubs and web sites. More people have likely signed up for this workshop using those other methods. Those other methods are completely independent of this page/group and are more active. We will automatically close the meetup to new sign ups once it’s actually full. In the rare and unlikely event we don’t fill up, the workshop will still go on as long as there is at least one paid signup. IMPORTANT: To register and secure your space at this workshop you must sign up and pay at:

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What we're about

We love Photography and Vermont! All ages, abilities, and skill levels welcome, even beginners!

Participants only need an interest in photography and a desire to improve their skills or help others.

Join similarly creative and passionate individuals who love Vermont and seek opportunities to show off this beautiful state. Our members range from novices to professional photographers, each bringing different perspectives, experience, and knowledge.

Together, we gain photography experience, enjoy Vermont's uniqueness, and best of all, make new friends!

We offer beginner and advanced meetups at least once a month to expand member knowledge, talk and share stories, photograph unique locations, catch dramatic sunsets or sunrises, mountain views, architecture, or events in cities and towns close to Burlington and throughout Northern and Central Vermont.

During and after each event, you're welcome to (optionally) post your photos to social media and photo sharing sites.

Some events wrap up over food or drink at a local restaurant, with discussions recounting the day, sharing photos, (optional) constructive critique, and exchanging photography tips and knowledge.

Membership is FREE and the majority of our events will be FREE to our members and their guests.

All members can also receive discounts from our sponsors (, who also occasionally supply FREE giveaways at some of our events. We might occasionally offer some optional workshops and classes which are fee-based due to their higher costs or complexity but we strive to keep their cost low and affordable. Since charges us to host our group, we occasionally might do a fundraiser or ask for donations ( to offset the cost. We greatly appreciate and thank you for any support you may offer.

We encourage anyone with an interest in photography to join and will welcome you regardless of your skill level or equipment.

Since, everyone starts with an inexpensive camera, or one that was already at their disposal, any type of camera is welcomed with open arms and without judgement...even camera-phones and pocket-cams!

Our group's organizer and leader:

The group is lead by Vermont Photo Tours ( founder and Instructor, Steve Mermelstein ( and is a marriage of Steve’s passion for photography with his love for Vermont. Steve’s award-winning photography has appeared in magazines, newspapers, calendars, ads, and web sites. In 2013 and 2014, Samsung USA named Steve one of the Top 50 US Photographers and contracted him as a Samsung Imagelogger.

About RSVPs:

When you RSVP "Yes" to an event please follow through with your commitment to attend. If you can't make it, please change your RSVP to "No" at least 48 hours prior to the event. "No Shows" hurt the trustworthiness of the group and can disrupt our plans. If it's a limited attendance event, it could also prevent other Members that can attend from RSVPing "Yes" or not correctly move members on the waitlist to attending! We understand if emergencies and last minute situations happen, but please be diligent of your RSVP status. Thank you!

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