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We are a network of international staff at VU Amsterdam and we welcome PhD students, postdocs, administrators and faculty to join us. We hope it will become a useful resource for answering questions and sharing experiences, both about professional life at VU Amsterdam and also more generally within the Netherlands. We will also be organizing a variety of activities throughout the year, so please stay tuned!

As member of the network, you also get access to the Global Room (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCN7vk4SA8A), situated in the Main Building room 1A-36. You can enter the room with your VU pass, once you have filled out this (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1D-5JmAI75DdNHtvfM20EYtwGzkDw-2R9BeQfn9wzk9Y/edit) form (the authorization is activated uploading it via the SALTO lock at your department or at the security in the main muilding).

The Global Room is available for hosting events including workshops, information sessions, presentations, small social gatherings and network sessions targeting an international audience. The Global Room also serves as landing spot for internationals to informally meet or work.

As you can see in this app group, several people organize events already. Please feel free to initiate events or meetups yourself. And if you want to exchange ideas, do not hesitate to contact the network through isn@vu.nl .


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International lunch

Global Room

Informal lunch for Professors, researchers and teachers. Takes place every first Monday of the month. Lunch is provided;)

Meditation Session via Zoom: well-being, wisdom, truth, peace and joy

Meditation session via Zoom, on Monday, at 7PM. It is free. Join directly with link: http://url.mindiver.se/zoom When one is living in thoughts, one is inevitably confused about life and existence, because thoughts prevent the discovery of the truth which lies in neurons, but never in thoughts. To find out truth, one has to walk out of thoughts, the self, the ego, to observe the mind without a direction or a center. Only in that observance can one grasp how neurons work and find out truth about life. And this is the journey of meditation. Unlike other so-called spiritual activities, full of tricks, self-centered stuff, soothing the ego, and the rest of it, this event is to explore the mind seriously and carefully with you to understand the nature of mind, and get the clarity, which is the key to all life challenges. It is not merely for the well-being, which is rather egocentric, but for the clarity, the by-product of which, though, is a peaceful and joyful life. Highlights: ➊ Simple English to explain the truth of the mind ➋ Guided meditation to quieten the mind and feel the truth ➌ Join the session from anywhere (anytime during the session⬩) ➍ Stereo sound experience♫, feeling like face-to-face⬩⬩ ➎ Free, no string attached. ⬩ Feel free to join anytime with the mic muted ⬩⬩Best to use Zoom Desktop client for stereo sound quality. (Mobile apps only support mono sound) What is the Zoom session like? ① The speaker guides the audience to meditate and explore the truth of the mind. ② Attendees don’t need to speak or even turn on the webcam, if they are very shy. Feel free and at home. ③ What attendees really need to do is just listen, not listen to their own thoughts, but listen attentively to the speaker while emptying and examining the mind. The very doing so is meditation. The target audience is for academics and students, who have excessive interactions with thoughts, which inevitably lead to all kinds of mental challenges. It is very essential to give yourself a break, empty the mind, to understand what is going on on the mind. The truth exists only when there are no attachment to any thoughts. In general, who needs meditation? 1. Anyone who would like to explore the inner world for freedom. 2. People who cannot stay calm easily for the time being for their well-being. 3. People would like to know the essence of the world, therefore for a deep level of peace. 4. Anyone. Meditation is life, life is meditation, so for anyone who needs to live a life. The session is also streamed via YouTube: https://url.mindiver.se/youtube-live Duration: 1 hour Fees: free. Donation is welcome, via http://url.mindiver.se/donate Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mindiverse.EN/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/mindiverse Event website: https://events.mindiver.se


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