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Valencia Language Exchange is a group where international people meet to speak different languages, Make new friends, It is like you are in an international environment without moving from your city and where foreigners people can meet local people.

More information: http://www.valencialanguageexchange.com/&nb... (http://www.valencialanguageexchange.com/ );
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Also, Valencia Language Exchange Collaborates with CoAcad, and offers special discount for people who would like to have language classes. For courses visit: http://coacad.com/


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Language Exchange & Salsa (Cancelled)

High Cube

Hello Everybody, We are very sorry to inform you that, Wednesday meet up in Highcube is cancelled. Highcube is not going to open anymore. We will inform you very soon about the next place for language exchange and salsa. thanks and sorry again!

Thursday International Meet up/ Language Exchange

Valencia Language exchange is one of the biggest group in Europe and to everybody and it is the only group in Valencia of its kind who collaborates with state ministry of education. If you are a foreigner, these events are a mix of Spanish & International, who wants to Practice languages, make locals friends and NOT TO BE only with foreigners. If you are Spanish: This is an awesome opportunity for you to feel the international environment without leaving your hometown. We organise many events, including daily Language Exchange Meeting, Parties, Excursions, Networking Events and Sports Events where every day approx. [masked] people participate (Depends on the day, check every day full description down). Fixed events are: Mondays: in "BIGBEN" Plaza Honduras 36 at 20:30 Tuesdays: in “UPPER CLUB" Gran Vía Marqués del Turia 40 at 20:30 Wednesday: in "HIGH CUBE" Marina Valencia at 20:30 with salsa at 22:30 Thursday: in "BIGBEN" Plaza Honduras 36 at 20:30 Friday: FLAG TANDEM with a Party in Umbracle 23:30 (Free Entry until 01:00). And Every month we organise different parties, Excursion, Networking and sports events, We try to organise 3 excursions; 1. Hiking, 2. Spanish City, 3. Cultural & other events, In the month of July, we have: 06/07/2019: Fuentes del Algar Spectacular landscape, Waterfalla, Wooden bridges, Natural water pools Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1800627840083198/ 14/07/2019: Cueva Tallada, Carved cave, a heritage jewel. Spectacular with breathtaking view inside the sea Link: https://www.valencialanguageexchange.com/cueva-tallada-en/ 21/07/19 Best River Excursion, Promise You never seen a place like this before. If you don’t beleive; Check photos & videos from last time Link: https://www.valencialanguageexchange.com/best-river-excursion/ - Description from every day - We make sure every meeting is the best, but it depends on which one suits you more. Depends on your taste, the area you are living, or where you have your friends and the same kind of interest. We explain to you each day characteristic, now it depends on you which one attracts you the most. --- For example, we recommend Monday if you like a nice calm language exchanger and if you live near the university area (Blasco Ibañez). Normally on a busy day, we are[masked] people. ---On Tuesday we have people of every age people from 18 – 50 on different tables, practising and speaking language, talking about different topics, depends on your taste and hobbies. [masked] participants). So we recommend it to 30+ People. ---Wednesday in Highcube: A very very beautiful Language Exchange, on an island in the sea. We will have language exchange & Salsa. ---Thursday is very recommended to students, many many International students, Erasmus and exchange students come and speak with Spanish students. And it is very famous for a quiz (Trivial), what we play at the end, with some prize of shots. (140 -180 participants). We don’t recommend it to 40+, because you will be rounded by 20 years students. ---Friday, It is flag Tandem + Party in Umbracle. An Interactive way of Language Exchange and Meet New People. It is an exchange, where everybody put the flag of his/her native language and search for the Flag he/she would like to Practice or meet people from. (150 – 600 participants, Winter 150 – 180 and summer 400 – 600) Entry is free to Umbracle until 01:00 and 40% discount for people with flags until 01:00

Andalucía, Granada & Córdoba 20 -22/09

Av. de Blasco Ibáñez, 111

Let’s go to south of Spain, Many people says THE REAL SPAIN. The typical image of the flamenco, tapas, music architecture Spain, is south,. We will visit Granada and Cordoba. These cities need minimum 1 day to visit, So we believe visiting 2 cities in good way than visiting 4 or 5 in bad way. Our trip includes: All bus transfers 3★★★star hotel with breakfast The city visits and insurance. Last day to pay is 13 September ... (We have to communicate with hotel & Insurance company) Photos from Last time: https://www.facebook.com/pg/valencialanguage/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1827323973989704 https://www.facebook.com/pg/valencialanguage/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1827323973989704 Leaving 15:30 on Friday afternoon, Saturday Visiting Granada & Sunday the Cordoba and arriving Sunday night. Cost : Single: 115 €+ 5(Insurance) = 120 € Group: 110€ + 5 (Insurance) = 115 € (yes, you won’t believe, the services and hotels we offer at this price) But this is what it cost to us, so this is for you :) ) More information: http://www.valencialanguageexchange.com/andalucia_en/

Flag Tandem party in Umbracle


Details Here we go...... The Best Tandem, the queen of all language Exchange, Where normally more then 400 people practice different languages. Where: in Umbracle ... Time: 23:30 – 01:00, FLAGS TANDEM PARTY : Entry: Entry is free until 01:00 AND people always have 40% discount on Drinks until 01:00. Flag Tandem Party? An Interactive way of Language Exchange and Meet New People. It is a party where everybody putt he flag of his/her native language and search for the Flag he/she would like to Practice or meet people from. For example: A Spaniard wants to practice English or meet english people, He puts Spanish flag and search for people with English flag. Umbracle is going to open just for us at 23h30. And it is reserved from 23h30 – 01:00 just for us And we will have 40% Discount on drink until 01:00,(Discount just for people with flags) So please don’t be late if you want to participate in our party!! Please register yourself in this page to get the entry, Thanks http://www.valencialanguageexchange.com/umbracle-tandem/ See you on Friday

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Tuesday International Meet up / Language Exchange

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