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Let the power of ancient wisdom guide you to a happy life that you control. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your career, your creativity, or your personal goals, I can help you identify the causes and push through them to help you find your center in the whirl of life. As a lifelong educator, published writer, scholar and mentor, I have helped many people of all ages discover their passions, achieve their goals and find their deeper truths. Through our active collaboration, I can help you find your way toward a life of balance between career, family and relationships, personal growth and matters of the spirit, while revealing the personal myth you live by.

Through our collaboration, we will discover the goals you most want to achieve, large or small, in any area of your life. I have many methods and tools to guide you, but my primary role is to listen and help you develop your own unique plan of action, for you are truly unique. My goal is to help you find your path toward whatever it is you want to achieve, and it begins with listening.

Incorporating a mythic perspective into your plan can enhance and deepen your commitment to your goals as you begin to see them as part of a larger story. Then, you can integrate more practical application of other skills to help you focus, manage your time and accomplish your goals far more effectively because they are driven by a deep sense of purpose.

Often what we need most is someone to listen, someone whom we can trust, with whom we can build community, who will encourage and help us discover our best, authentic selves. Whatever your unique path is, whatever approach will best fit you, your personality and schedule, I am here to help you discover your authentic self, identify your goals and accomplish them.

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