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Our current gaming group of 3 is looking for 2-4 new players to join us for games such as Descent, Mice and Mystics, Euphoria, Twilight Imperium, Battlestar Galactica, Forge War, Scythe, Agricola, Viticulture and many other Euro Style Games.

We're a group of players who love playing once a month (maybe more if we get really excited about a game), and who are seeking players who love playing. If your goal for playing is winning, and you pout after losing - we might not be the group for you. But if you love telling stories about an Epic game where everyone was just 1 turn from winning, and the green player blocked your train route to Chicago, thus thwarting your plans for world domination - we might be for you!

One of our more important, and we thought, rules that should not require mentioning, is hygiene. We do require that our fellow gamers respect the rules of regularly showering, brushing ones teeth and generally not smelling bad. I know - crazy right? But there it is...

We look forward to meeting you, and our group meets in Fair Oaks Ranch on Sunday's typically.

Oh and generally, everyone pitches in either food, beer, beverages, or a little cash each night to cover the general "snacks & drinks" for the group.

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