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Valiant Bible Study Meeting
We will be meeting in the atrium of the brown building directly across the street from Blue Ox Heating and Air. Address is 9220 Bass Lake Rd. New Hope, MN. The atrium is straight through the main doors (you'll also see the sign "Valiant Bible Study". Please bring your Bible and a notepad or preferred note-taking tool. Our meetings typically start with a short message from me, followed by some time for group discussions and scripture reading. We then normally end with some prayer/ministry time.

Private Office Building

9220 Bass Lake Road · New Hope, MN

What we're about

Valiant Bible Study is a group for any Bible-believing Christian who wholeheartedly desires to grow in faith, learn the Word of God, know Jesus more deeply, cultivate strong friendships with like-minded believers, and be better equipped for a lifestyle of disciple-making for the Kingdom of God. Whether you're young or old, a new or long-time Christian, the studies involved in this group are centered on laying a strong foundation in biblical Christianity. We want to answer this question: "What does it REALLY mean to be a Christian, or more specifically, a disciple of Jesus?" This group will be all about fostering unity rooted in love, training for outreach, learning our true identity in Christ, developing intimacy with God, and growing in revelation knowledge of Scripture -- we purpose to rekindle personal revival. The group meetings will also include prayer and occasional worship time with live music. Be warned, however...this is not going to be your typical Bible study group. This group is for those who are hungry. If you really do want more of God, and are willing to do what's considered uncomfortable to most people, then come to our meetings; you WILL experience change. We are non-denominational, and take everything in Scripture at face value, which means we believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, tongues, healing, the gifts of the Holy Spirit...the whole package. The core scriptures for our vision are 1 Peter 2:5,9 & Ephesians 2:21-22. Watch our vision & promo video here:

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