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Welcome to the Vallejo Christian Singles (VCS) Meetup Group. We help singles CONNECT with each other, GROW in their faith, SERVE others in love and REACH our world for Jesus.

VCS (Vallejo Christian Singles) is a group of people who are Christian and interested in building friendship, so if you are in the Vallejo area, and are not married, please consider joining this group and liking the page. We would like to invite you to plan with us events that include food, fun and fellowship. Christians as well as those who are not Christian are invited to join, but we will aim to have events filled with good times but also pleasing to God. This is a group for single people only, excluding people in the process of getting a divorce.

We want to provide some fun activities where Christians get together and have some nice times together. We want you to post events that you know about too. Movies, dining out, church, game nights, going to the mall, touring the city, working out, going to the park, travel trips, life groups, bowling, prayer meetings, swimming, and other events all sound good. When joining our group please be sure to use your real name and put up a profile pic of you so members could recognize who's who at our events.

If members choose to date each other that is fine, but anyone feeling unwelcome pressure should let Larry, Marg or Scott Brown know so they will deal with that issue. This is not meant to be an awkward dating group, merely a group for friends to join together in. Married couples may at times be welcome to join us in some of our activities, but the primary focus outreach is toward those who are single.

http://www.facebook.com/VallejoChristianSingles (or search Vallejo Christian Singles).

We have a fb group page too: it is at http://www.facebook.com/groups/VallejoChristianSingles

The main website right now is http://www.facebook.com/groups/VallejoChristianSingles and it goes to our main events and outreach page, http://www.meetup.com/VallejoChristianSingles currently.

Join us and bring a friend!

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VCS Rules:

DO Post a clearly visible picture of your face.

DO Use your real first name

DO Report members who make you feel unsafe.

DO Enjoy yourselfDO Honor God in all you say and do

DO Children welcome when age appropriate

DO NOT Be married or separated

DO NOT Email someone that you have not met in person

DO NOT Send ANY greetings if you don't have a picture on your profile

DO NOT Send a second greeting/email if your first one was not reciprocated

DO NOT Add someone to your friend list unless you have met in person

DO NOT Send emails/greetings to promote a business DO NOT Solicit donations on an event page

DO NOT Be a sniper. Do not use your membership in VCS to find new members for other meetup groups

DO NOT Bring guests who have been removed from VCS- if you do you will also be removed from the group.

DO NOT Make other people feel unsafe, violate group rules, ignore directives from co-organizers/assistant organizers or disrupt to the harmony of the group- You WILL be removed

DO NOT Attend events if you voluntarily removed yourself from the group- you may attempt to rejoin the group first

DO NOT Broadcast on event’s page an alternative Non-VCS event happening at the same time

DO NOT Advertise Non-VCS events on message board. You may email the Organizer or Assistant to put it on the calendar. An Assistant Organizer of VCS must be present at the event to make it on the calendar.

DO NOT Consider this an awkward dating group, pressuring people to connect with you

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Pot Luck Game Night

First Baptist Church Vallejo

Game on! We're going to be having a pot luck game night so bring your favorite food dish, drink, board game and card games and let's do this. We've got a lot games, but not sure which we'll bring so let us know your favorites and bring yours if you've got some. This is going to be at the First Baptist Church in Vallejo, room 214. The address is 2025 Sonoma Blvd., Vallejo, CA. You can park in the corner parking lot at Sonoma Blvd & Florida Street or you could park right in front of the church. There is easy access to the room right from Sonoma Blvd.

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