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Bitcoin is the new buzz word. About 20 years ago it was the Internet. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Nano and others have skyrocketed in value faster than almost any other investment and may continue to do so. If you are interested in connecting with others to learn more or share your knowledge in investing, you are welcome to join us.

We will focus on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies but also allow discussion if members are interested in other investments. Stocks, Real Estate, Forex, Spot Trading, and other investments can be on the table as well. We will be bringing in those with experience in various fields like Crypto Mining, Investing, Blockchain technology, etc. as well as review some of the newest ideas, so that we can all be sure to keep up with the best opportunities available these days. Nobody can do all the research on their own, so joining together will help everyone learn and grow. We could be checking trends, looking for the next news, avoiding dips from FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) or finding the next coin to HODL (Hold On for Dear Life).

We can meetup where members recommend, such as at Starbucks or other locations, or at Scott Brown's Real Estate office (EXP Realty, at 2619 Sonoma Blvd, Vallejo CA 94590, which is where the Jackson Hewitt Tax Services rents out a cubicle space by the way) and other places. Bring your computer or smart phone if you want to keep up with the findings and help in the research activity.

Some of our members have identified investments that have grown from $60 to $5000 in less than 60 days, or $2 to $1000 (both in domain names), as well as other investment that have gone from $100 to $1800 in a week or $800 to $1300 in a few hours, tripled thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks, etc (with cryptocurrencies), plus other investments that have also done well. Some members have made great profits by mining cryptos too. Special speakers will also be brought in for live in person meetings and live feeds or videos too.

We will be partnering with other groups in the area for their meetups as well, and inviting them to ours. We'll share some of our online groups, teach a bit about pump and dumps, ICO's, blockchain technology, the Smart Contracts associated with Ethereum, mining, arbitrage, taxes, and much more.

Since the organizer (Scott Brown) is opening up the meetup he's also going to encourage you to take a look at another investment he believes in, which is possibly one many of you may want to research. Scott is with a real estate brokerage that is disrupting the industry by making all agents and brokers in the firm also stock holders, in their publicly traded stock. That one stock we may also look at a little bit is EXPI, from EXP World Holdings, Inc. Scott Brown is investing in personally as it is the parent company of EXP Realty for which he's a Realtor/Real Estate Broker.

Scott has his MBA in International Business and is over 60% complete with a Doctorate degree in Business Administration. He was a General Contractor prior to getting into real estate in 2006 and is also the organizer of the Vallejo Benicia Area Newcomers meetup and looking for others to help create and lead events for that group.

All skill levels are welcome. Most people are just hearing about Bitcoin, the new digital currency. There is so much to learn before you jump in over your head and get swallowed up by the whales. Make sure to find out what it's all about and remember that we're not financial advisors but it is my opinion that it is unwise to put all your money into crypto currency and that you should only invest as much as you can afford to lose. Cryptos may go way up in value, or they could go to zero, and it is really uncertain at this time what the future value of any coin or token may be.

Come on out to learn about crypto currency and meetup with others interested in it too.

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