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Youth Reiki I Class
CHILDREN THAT LEARN REIKI are calmer and more confident in EVERY area of their life. The Energy of Reiki is divine love flowing through them to heal and help. I make sure children know how to use Reiki properly. By sharing Reiki in this way to boys and girls it helps them understand it and feel empowered that they can direct this healing energy on themselves and others. "Being able to teach children has been an honor for me for the past 26 years. I work in both traditional and creative ways to foster children's holistic health." Reiki works on many levels, it goes beyond any limitations of traditional approaches to strengthening our youth. I implement fun techniques to experience what energy is before we even begin the attunement process. Empowering children to use their new found Reiki abilities to heal themselves and others is a beautiful process. When asked "Whats a good time to use Reiki?" Children reply: ~Makes a headache go away ~Help Mom feel less stressed ~Help my friend feel happier ~Make my stomach ache go away ~Reiki the traffic so that we get to school on time ~made my dog feel better after surgery All and all, I believe it is time for children to be given the gift of Reiki to heal themselves and others. It also strengthens their intuition--their ability to trust themselves and "see" themselves as having a positive influence on their world. Ages 5 and up. Class size limited. $99 per student

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