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We're starting a choir made up of singers in the Valley Village area. If we can get enough good singers to join us, we hope to do an outdoor Christmas concert sometime in December, and have a little block party...maybe a dessert potluck.

We're looking for people who can sing, and preferably read music. If you don't read music, that's okay, as long as you're good with music and can pick it up quickly and sing part harmonies.

For now we're looking for people 16 and older.

If we can get enough people, we'll upload all the choral parts to YouTube so people can practice at home, and then we'll have a few part and group rehearsals before the event.

Who knows, if it turns out well and people enjoy themselves, maybe we can continue on!

If you're interested email Jeff & Eric at andristrizzo@aol.com.


Jeff Rizzo and Eric Andrist both come from the world off musical theater. Jeff is a musical director/conductor and Eric worked over 20 years as a stage manager, producer and director. They live in Valley Village and love decorating their house for Halloween and Christmas.

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