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[FULL] On Smogpeak's Shining Shore!

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Jake's 'New World' themed Pathfinder game. Great group, but currently full. If we get an opening we'll let everyone know, it's a fun table!

I'll be logging in and using this meetup more for the formal side of managing the game, and our fb group will stay how it is, casual.

The adventurers now know what it feels like to be heroes. They drenched themselves in goblin blood in a daring, mid-ritual rescue of several Frogfolk, Vanaras, and a mysterious Undine. Rose was rescued from the threshold of eternal, consuming slumber, and reunited with her husband - though her memory was lost to an unfortunately accurate pistol round.

The party returned to Borin's Stand, where a feast was had on the Singing Shore. A band played a strange, beautiful harmony that alligned with the symphony of the shore's steam vents, and the robber crabs erupted in joy and appreciation, throwing all manner of trinkets and treasures, which were presented to the party as a reward for bringing back their friends and family.

Where will the party head to next? It's up to them! I'm excited to find out!


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