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This is the Value Instrument Meetup. We will be exploring the idea of complementary currencies driven by distributed ledger technology.

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Hackathon - Using the "VCore" code base

Rathaus Steglitz

What is VCore? VCore is a Javascript library, currently in early stage, that aims to connect many technologies from Web2 and Web3 to many use-cases. It enables developers to build User Interfaces for Web3 dapps, without locking themselves into frameworks, rather experiment with frameworks and technologies until the complexities of use cases are understood and best practices identified. Similar to how Wordpress drives countless websites, due to its structured approach as a content management system, VCore aims to give birth to User Interfaces that help communities and networks around the globe to adopt Web3 technologies for their specific use case. Additionally to the library containg a bunch of adapters accessible through a unified syntax, VCore is build in response to the learnings of the Value Instrument initiative, which proposes a certain type of tokenization model (google it). VCore is presented via a first implementation. A cool UI, that includes plugins for mapping, chat, classified ads and crypto token wallets. Note The event will happen in a private location, hence, when you decide to join for real, please send a message here in Meetup to receive the address details. Bring Laptop - ideally, but not mandatory, equipped with Ethernet port or Ethernet-USB adapter This Hackathon In this hackathon we want to explore, - whether the VCore syntax "feels good" to work with and what could be improved. A lot can be shaped still. - whether and how JS frameworks could be implemented. - what adapters to build and actually start building them Agenda 11am - Arrival 11:30 - Intro to Value Instrument and why VCore exists 11:45 - Intro to VCore 12:00 - Discussion and Questions 12:30 - Frame ToDos 13:00 - Lunch 13:30 - Hack 18:00 - Discussion on Outcomes, Outlook 19:00 - Close and beers

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