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Our research shows that people’s financial success is tied to what they think they deserve and what they think they can achieve. Which is all about how we think about ourselves and the world. And having people that look like you succeed makes a huge impact in that process. Vamos Ladies work is aimed at making coaching spaces accessible, at increasing visibility for Latinas and at supporting Latinas as they navigate their careers and business.

What’s our why?

Economic justice. Latina entrepreneurs and professionals are the LOWEST paid group of women in the U.S. Changing this, is what drives me. My family has always owned a business. Small business is all I know, and I want to help other small business owners thrive. When I started my own business I found that a lot of the resources were not reaching other Latinas. I want to use my digital skills to help other Latinas fully participate in the entrepreneurship economy.

I quit my job working in tech last year because I felt like I needed to do more. For the past decade, I’ve been very passionate about helping my immigrant community. For many years I tried working and volunteering outside of work. But I felt like it wasn’t enough. I chose to focus on economic empowerment because when a family is financially stable things are better. Vamos Ladies is my attempt at using all that I’ve learned to create a space where other Latinas can flourish. This is my purpose.

Pamela Barba

If you have any questions please email me! hi@vamosladies.com

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*Latinx / Hispanic identities are complex. If you are decendant from a Latinx / Hispanic family, this group is for you. It is okay if you don't speak spanish. **We welcome CIS women, trans women, and non binary people.


Esta es una comunidad de mujeres* professionales Latinas que quieren crecer y ayudar a otras mujeres crecer. En este momento las mujeres Latinas formamos menos de el 1% de los trabajos en technologia. Ademas tenemos una desventaja muy grande en cuanto ganamos. Las mujeres Latinas somos las que menos plata ganamos. ( nosotras ganamos 54 centavos por cada dollar que gana un hombre blanco) Nos reuniremos mensual mente para conversar de cosas como: como encontrar trabajos en technologia? Que se necesita para cambiar de carrera? Que es una marca personal y como se puede mejorar? Como pedir un aumento?

Nuesto goal es crear una comunidad para ayudar a mujeres Latinxs encontrar paz economica. Bienvenida a tu nueva tribu.

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Si tiene preguntas, por favor enviarme un email a hi@vamosladies.com

*Aceptamos a todas las personas que se identifiquen como mujer ** La identidad Latina / Hispana es complicada. Si tu eres decendiente de una familia Latina, unete. No es necessario hablar ingles.

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