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Developing for Decentralization
Tonight we're happy to host Matthew Lockyer, PhD candidate and head of BlockChain solutions. Matt will present a developer-focused overview of existing blockchain technologies and how developers and tech entrepenuers can leverage blockchain technologies in software and business development. (For those of us who don't very much about blockchain), Matt will cover the basics, including: value exchange and coordination, sovereignty over data, finances and governance, how it all works, tokens and decentralized exchange, governance and collectibles. (For those of you who have the fundamentals), Matt will describe software applications that utilize blockchain and the impacts of blockchain on business modelling, networking and protocols and open-source code. Speaker Bio: Matt Lockyer is passionate about disintermediation and the sovereign individual. With an academic background in computer science, university lecturing and curriculum development, Matt is uniquely qualified to be coaching businesses building on blockchain and embracing the new digital economy. Currently connected with several projects in the blockchain ecosystem solving real world problems.

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Come to meet people from the local software development industry. We'll share tips and stories and find out who's doing what in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Make those network contacts that are so essential in our careers. Regular meetings open with a short technical presentation to kick off our discussions. Then, following Q&A and possibly a door prize draw, we have our round-the-room introductions and open networking. For the introductions we invite all participants to introduce themselves and to let us know what they'd like to talk with others about. This is when connections are made so think about what you would like to say beforehand, especially if speaking in front of a group seems difficult. Social meetings skip the presentation and round-the-room introductions and jump right in to open networking, possibly with a door prize draw. We often invite special guests such as recruiters and speakers so that you have a chance to meet them face-to-face. Of course our "network" is about more than just our meetings. Beyond our members' personal networks we have an opt-in mailing list plus our groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yahoo! See our About Us page at for more details.

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