VanDev: Why Projects Fail

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In October we'll have a presentation by returning speaker Robert Goatham that takes a new look at why software projects fail. Hindsight is always 20-20 and Robert is in the business of using that hindsight to help companies avoid the same mistakes in the future. Join us as he takes a look at the roots of recent common failures. Following the presentation we'll have a door prize draw, round-the-room introductions, and then open the floor for networking. This is a networking event so bring your business/contact cards and a story or 2 to share.

About The Presentation:

Delayed, failed and cancelled software projects cost organizations billions of dollars annually. Almost every organization experiences the pain of a troubled project at some point. The fallout in terms of cost, damaged reputation and personal stress levels can be extreme. In a lively session of open discussion I'll present an alternate perspective of what's going wrong that opens the door for new perspectives on an old chestnut of a problem.

About The Speaker:

Robert Goatham is the Principal of Calleam Consulting ( ( With more than 20 years in the technology sector, Robert's experience covers software development, project management, architecture and quality management functions. Robert specializes in advanced training for teams and uses the modeling, simulation and analysis of both successful and failed projects from the past as learning vehicles for training teams to manage the future. Robert is a frequent public speaker and challenges audiences to consider the technology sector from new perspectives.