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VanLUG Meetups are for IT professionals, hobbyists, and others interested in Linux operating systems and Free/Libre Open Source Software.
The Vancouver Linux Users Group has been serving the Vancouver Linux community for many years promoting both Linux as well as free/libre/open-source software (FLOSS).
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FREE In-Person Seminar: Learn all about RSync

Vancouver Public Library, Kitsilano Branch

Welcome Techies! In these challenging times, your Linux Community bounces back with more exciting things in store. For this meeting, we are thankful for the generosity of the Kitsilano Public Library for our June 2023 General Meeting.

Acting President John W. will be sharing his knowledge about RSync.
RSYNC refers to "Remote SYNChronization", and is a means of moving large numbers of files either between disks/drives on one computer, or between two computers, whether the receiving computer is a workstation (peer-to-peer) or a server (client/server model). It is commonly found on Unix-like operating systems. It is a command-line tool for copying files and directories between local and remote systems that should be in every Linux user's toolbox.
Security can be achieved by tunneling RSYNC via SSH, using TCP keep-alives and a passphrase setup instead of a password setup so that RSYNC can be run as a cron job, unattended, using a BASH or other shell script. RSYNC also has some GTK and QT frontend GUI apps to make it easier to use RSYNC, though in some cases, one should use SCP (as part of the SSH suite of apps) instead, especially if transferring files between drives within one computer's entire system.

You Will learn:

  1. How to install RSYNC
  2. How to copy/move files within one computer
  3. How to copy/move files between two computers
  4. How to configure RSYNC to run within SSH
  5. How to set up RSYNC via SSH to use a passphrase, for unattended transfers.

You can ask John W more questions like:
Is it safe to use on the Internet?
Is it better than FTP?
Does it eat up a lot of memory resources?

This will be an exciting event, so don't miss it! Register now for Monday's event and save this on your calendar!

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