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Case Study: Quality as a Symptom

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Traditional approaches to software development often result in a slow erosion of productivity as the organization grows. Since scope and schedule are rarely if ever reduced accordingly, the problem manifests itself in increasing defect rates. Unfortunately, the most common reaction to this is to hire ever more testers to find those defects, fueling the familiar death spiral of technical debt.

In this case study, we will follow a local wireless tech company as they begin to realize that the answers to their technical debt, productivity, morale and product quality problems lie not with incremental efficiency improvements but through embracing an entirely new way of thinking.

At this time, the company involved has not approved the use of their name in this case study.

Presenter - Erik Minty, Director-Jetstream Innovations Inc

With a degree in systems engineering, Erik has over 15 years of experience building and testing software, and managing those who do. He is currently working in the Vancouver area as an independent Agile Coach, focusing on assisting early to mid stage technology startups through the process of building elite software development teams.

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