[PAID Training] End to End Deep Learning for Computer Vision

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End to End Deep Learning for Computer Vision - 2 day immersive instructor-led training

Early bird tickets (50% off) is on sale until 5/24 Friday. Group (5+) discount is available. This is paid training/bootcamp, you have to buy ticket here:

Course Objectives:
Now more than ever its necessary for developers to gain the necessary skills to work with image and video data using computer vision, which allows us to analyze and leverage image and video data, with applications in a variety of industries, including self-driving cars, medical diagnostics, and many more. As applied engineering (vs. data scientists) just knows building models are not sufficient for production grade software, these roles focus on core principles, best practices, design patterns, and expertise with a framework and toolset, such as deploy models, and scale for your fast growing applications/services.

This two day immersive instructor-led training will teach everything you need to know to become a software engineer in computer vision and deep learning! You will learn:

* Recognize problems that can be solved with deep learning and Select the right technique for the problems.
* Master deep learning algorithms, models and computer vision tech
* Master the most popular tools like numpy, Keras, Tensorflow, and openCV
* Master google cloud machine learning pipelines

The course is packed with practical exercises and code labs which are based on real-life examples. not only will you learn the theory, but you will also get hands-on practice building your own models, tuning models, and serving models.

Course Include:
* Practical walkthroughs that present solutions to actual, real-world image classification problems and challenges.
* Hands-on tutorials (with lots of code) that not only show you the algorithms behind deep learning for computer vision but their implementations as well.
* A no-nonsense teaching style that is guaranteed to cut through all the cruft and help you master deep learning for image understanding and visual recognition.
* End to end machine learning pipeline from building models to deploy and serve models
* Limited to 50 students
* light breakfast, lunch and coffee/snack breaks

Course Outline:

Andrew Ferlitsch, Engineer, Google AI.

"Personally I really loved the pace and the fact that you explained everything intuitively. In addition, it was apparent that students really loved it. " - UCLA Professor/CS 168

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