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Those meetings are for everyone who wants to know the Truth of Who she or he Truly is.

No need to be familiar with Adyashanti's teaching. In fact, the best preparation is to come to those meetings with an open mind and heart, with a sincere intention to step beyond fear and doubt and look in a clear and new way at the patterns of our conditioning.

Meditation, Self Inquiry, Contemplation and sharing with each other will be the foundation of those meetings.

We might as well focus on a particular book, audio or video and LIVE Webcast with Adyshanti.

Everyone is welcome to bring a CD/DVD, or any topic they want to discuss, or investigate deeper.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this meeting is ONLY focused on Adyashanti's teaching. There are lots of beautiful teachings out there but those meetings are to stay as simple, and one direction focus, as possible. It is easier to find water is we drill a 100 meter hole that drilling 100 holes of 1 m each.

Really looking forward to open even more my heart, meet and share with you our journey.



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