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Intro to Decentralization
Since the dawn of civilization we've organized ourselves through top down, centralized institutions. A centralized world is all we've ever known. Now there's a radically new way of organizing that has the potential to create a more egalitarian, efficient, transparent societies that are less prone to the corruption and coercion present in centralized models of organizing. The underlying invention of Bitcoin (Decentralized Consensus) along with the Internet, 3D printers, Autonomous Vehicles and Solar energy makes up the unstoppable Megatrend of Decentralization which has the potential to shift our society into a decentralized collaborative commons. Come on by to learn more! No technical knowledge required.

the LED Sidewalk

436 W. Pender · Vancouver, BC

What we're about

This meetup is for anyone who is interested in Alternative Living in the 21st Century. As the Decentralization Megatrend continues, it's becoming clear we're in the midst of a great transition in human history, one that could radically change how we live our daily lives. Join us as we experiment and explore Alternative Living.

This isn't just about off grid living, it's about alternative energy, food engineering, open science, alternative shelters, tiny houses, the maker movement, open source collaboration, life hacking, nomadism, seasteading, spirituality, permaculture, nootropics, biohacking, quantified self and much more.

This meetup is inclusive to all individuals and is highly experimental, however we do value the aid of well researched scientific evidence, if you are anti-science or make claims that do not have proper research to back it up, just be aware you will be around skeptics. Having said that we believe scientists and spiritualists can co-exist ;)

If you want to be more involved in this meetup or help organize just let us know and we'll work something out!

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