What we're about

GO is an ancient board game from Asia. Played on a 19x19 board by two players, who use white and black stones, GO looks like checkers but plays with the deep strategy of chess. It takes a moment to learn but a lifetime to master.

We are a group of amateur go players who get together every week or so to learn to play go in a casual setting over drinks. No knowledge of the game is necessary, and you don't need to own a board. We will be glad to show you the ropes.

At present, three VAMGO meetups are scheduled throughout the month, so if you miss one, fear not, there will be other opportunities. Attendance is set to 6-10 people per meetup. These meetups take place at three different venues around town to facilitate attendance by residents of different neighborhoods throughout the month:

- #1. EAST VAN: Storm Crow Tavern @ 1305 Commercial Dr

- #2. SOUTH VAN: East Side Craft House @ 1445 E 41st Ave

- #3. MOUNT PLEASANT: Colony Bar Main @ 2904 Main St

Past events (3)

Feb Go Meetup #1

Storm Crow Tavern

Jan VAMGO Meetup #2

East Side Craft House

Jan VAMGO Meetup #1

Oscar's Pub

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