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My Story

My name is Danny and over the past 2 years I've grown my Amazon business to $20,000 USD a month with 7 SKUs that I sourced on a trip to Yiwu, China and through Alibaba...

Then I lost it all through a series of issues including Amazon suspension... crippling my cash flow. Cash is king in a capital intensive ecommerce business.

I still sell on Amazon, but this forced me to shift my focus to my agency Kenji ROI (https://www.kenjiroi.com), where I partner with mid-market sized product brands for a % of Amazon revenue.

We also do listing creation packages - copywriting, product photography, video, PPC management, EBC... etc.

I'm also a co-host of the Actualize Freedom Podcast (https://www.actualizefreedom.com/) about ecommerce & Amazon.

Who This Meetup is For

I want to meet others who are already doing FBA, or are seriously considering throwing down their cash on their 1st product.

I'd be happy to meet up with newbies as I'm a total internet marketing nerd, & I quite enjoy discussing tactics with interested people. Because let's face it... you don't just run into internet marketers left right & centre.

What To Expect

Casual monthly meetups where we'll discuss our latest tactics & how they're working, new changes to the Amazon platform & our plans to adapt to them, & newbies can sit in to learn or ask questions.

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