Querying Data Pipeline with AWS Athena

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Join us for another exciting Vancouver meetup hosted by Demonware who are graciously welcoming us into their space, providing a speaker and refreshments! Once you arrive, please head up to the 7th floor.

6:00pm - Arrival, mingling, pizza and refreshments
6:25pm - Welcome, Introductions and Presentation
8:00pm - Evening concludes

Skill Level: Intermediate

Presentation Description: Data Pipeline team at Demonware (Activision) has to deal with routing large amounts of data from various sources to many destinations every day.

Our team always wanted to be able to query processed data for debugging and analytical purposes, but creating large data warehouses was never our priority, since it usually happens downstream.

AWS Athena is completely serverless query service that doesn't require any infrastructure setup or complex provisioning. We just needed to save some of our data streams to AWS S3 and define a schema. Just a few simple steps, but in the end we were able to write complex SQL queries against gigabytes of data and get results in seconds.

In this presentation I want to show multiple ways to stream your data to AWS S3, explain some underlying tech, show how to define a schema and finally share some of the best practices we applied.

Presenter Bio: Yaroslav Tkachenko is a software engineer interested in distributed systems, microservices, functional programming, modern cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices. Currently Yaroslav is a Senior Software Engineer at Demonware (Activision), working on a large-scale data pipeline.

Prior to joining Demonware Yaroslav held various leadership roles in multiple startups. He was responsible for designing, developing, delivering and maintaining platform services and cloud infrastructure for mission critical systems.

Parking Tips!
Demonware has some visitor parking spots, located on the west side of the building, beneath the overhang. They are labeled Radical Visitor Parking. Please also check the side streets or you can pay for parking underneath the building next to us (333 Terminal).