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Ambient means many different things to people. For some, it's groovy and chilled out dance music. For others it's experimental and free form. It could be something in between or it could take it's inspiration from other musical traditions.

This group is for musicians who create ambient music and soundscapes with electronic instruments and computers, and who are inspired by a desire to create an ambiance or a sonic and emotional space that is conducive to contemplation and meditation.

OK. I really struggled to come up with that description and I'm not entirely happy with it, but I hope it serves to set the tone and direction of the group a bit. I suggest reading the Wikipedia article and following some of it's links to see if this is the jam you're looking for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambient_music

If you think it's ambient music that you want to make, please join us. All are welcome. The desire to create and learn in this genre is the only qualification. Hope to see you soon.

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Let's jam on March 28th!

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Let's jam on Wednesday!

Needs a location

Last Days of Summer Ambient Music Jam

Soundhouse Studios

Electronic Ambient Music Jam

Soundhouse Studios


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