What we're about

Living bipolar can be a lonely place, Especially without a support network.
This is a Support group for anyone looking to connect with other people with a Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis. And to have an open discussion around coping Strategies and tools each individual has learned to use throughout there journey living bipolar.
This is a safe place for people to share with out judgment, so Individuals can talk about the highs and lows they go through, while shedding light on their own personal experiences with hypomania, mania and depression.
The focus of this group is to work on Personal wellness and to find the joy and laugh whenever possible, And to take ownership of one's identity. And to truly share what it means, to live bipolar.
I believe that collectively we can help one another, And educate others.

Please be mindful of:
Open and honest intentions and to
Always be safe and respectful

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