What we're about

Vancouver Bitcoiners gathers like-minded individuals, for the spreading of knowledge and experience relating to Bitcoin, the Lightning Network and Layer 2 solutions such as Liquid (L-BTC).

What To Expect
This group meets every third Thursday (approx.) and will feature expert speakers fluent in a variety of Bitcoin related topics.

Discussions about scaling, incentive structures, game theory, other layer 2+ Bitcoin solutions and developments, security, and privacy.

Talks will be accessible in person, or via livestream. Recordings of past talks will be posted on YouTube.

Upcoming events (1)

BitDevs June

Creekside Community Recreation Centre

All levels welcome!

Crowdfund: To cover rental costs at the Creekside Community Centre:

jitsi For full experience use YouTube.

Speakers: TBD

Our hybrid event is modeled on the BitDevs Socratic Seminar format with guest speakers to round out the discussion.

All levels (beginner to expert) are welcome and encouraged to attend. full list of topics will be posted in advance at BitDevs.ca

19:00 Set up
19:10 BitDevs Mailing List Topics / Discussion
21:00 Drinks nearby

Sponsored by Bull Bitcoin

Speaker Alumni:
okjodom of Fedimint
Alladin of @btc_cards
Kris Constable
Bill Hill, Bitcoin Island Philippines
Pablo Duboué
Dulce Villarreal - Bakkt
Ethan - Feral Analysis
Casey Rodarmor - Leading Ordinal Theorist
Roman Martinez - Co-founder and Community Lead @ Bitcoin Beach
Selene Jin - Product Design Leader in Bitcoin
BTC Sessions - Canada's Best Bitcoin Educator
William Casarin - Bitcoin and Lightning Network ⚡ developer, Damus, LNLink
Bill MacDonald - Bay Area Bitcoiners
Alexandra Moxin - Cypherpunk, Writer, Security Researcher, Podcaster
Alex Luu - Full Stack Developer @ NeutronPay & Co-founder of DCTRLVAN
Jordi Montes - Lightning Infrastructure Engineer @ Lightning Labs
Adam Soltys - CTO Coinos wallet, creator of Raretoshi
Katie Ananina - CEO of PlanB Passport
Leonhard Weese - Technical Content Lead @ Lightning Labs