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What we’re about

This conversation club is sponsored by Blue Ocean International Consulting Inc.. It's divided into two types of meetup, Conversation Class and Culture/Language Exchange

Activities/Culture/Language Exchange:
Come out to meet more friends from different countries and cultures. This meetup is for people who wants to meet new friends and learn about Asian/Canadian cultures and languages.

Conversation Class: (Currently not running)
It provides an English speaking environment for Asian ESL students who doesn't have enough chance to speak English in their daily life in Vancouver. This is an organized but casual meetup that each meeting is planning by the organizer. The students level should be between lower to upper intermediate. If you want to meet more friends and speak more English, please feel free to sign up and join us. This meetup is designed to maximize English speaking time, so the group will be 6-8 people max each time.

One personal picture is required to join the club.
*Please make sure that you post a personal picture to join the club.