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Frustrated with capitalism? Me too. Looking for a bargain? This is for you. De-cluttering? Perfect. Bunz is a barter and trading app. You can make direct trades, items for items, or trade using BTZ - the in-app currency (right now 100 BTZ ~ $1). You get to trade stuff that no longer sparks joy for something you currently need! They have everything you find on Craigslist there, and more! (see also, FAQ below)

This group is meant to help organize mass Bunz trading meetups and to more effectively notify the community about them. Pre-organize a trade on the Bunz app or Bunz Facebook page. Make multiple tradings easier by using our meetups to find a common time and place, trading with multiple people at one location!

Please note: this is not like a Flea Market. Pre-organized trades only. Do not bring items that you haven’t pre-arranged a trade for. And make sure you take all your items with you when you go! We may decide to have flea market style trading events in the future, so stay tuned!

Sign up for the Bunz app using my link and get an extra 100 BTZ. You also get 500 BTZ for activating your BTZ wallet. My username is @starlightfirefly https://bunzshare.page.link/TTgMc17SzKNKKiuZ9

You can download the app here


-What is Bunz?
Bunz is a community founded on a vision: to create a world with more neighbours and less strangers, where it’s easy to get what you need. In the beginning we came together with a rebellious spirit to trade things out of necessity. We learned that people were inherently kind and that by leaning on each other we could make city living easier.

Whether it’s a houseplant, vintage sweater, haircut or chair, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on Bunz as our community continues to grow!

-What can you post on Bunz?
Anything and everything! Well, maybe not everything.

Look around your space and assess what you haven't used lately. Good places to start are your closet, living room and kitchen.

Anything you haven't used lately or don't use often is perfect for Bunz! Post it and then let other people know what you're looking for.
Popular posts include clothes, houseplants, furniture and for some reason, the game Cards Against Humanity 🤔

-Glossary of common terms:

-Advice for sage and friendly meetups:

-What are BTZ?
BTZ are a brand new, easy-to-use digital currency, built from the ground up by Bunz. You can use BTZ to complete trades, which is especially useful if you can’t do a true trade, because the person you’re trading with isn’t interested in any of the items you have posted for trade. You can also redeem your BTZ at a handful of local cafes and stores in Vancouver.

-More help topics can be found at:

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