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Metrics at Scale w/ Cassandra in Cloud (Ubiquiti) & Cassandra at Plenty of Fish

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For this meetup we are excited to be joined by three great presenters, Chris Maxwell, Senior Systems Engineer at Ubiquiti and Owen Morley Director of Infrastructure at Plenty of Fish as well as Christian Sherwood, Senior Systems Admin at Plenty of Fish

What You'll Learn At This Meetup:

Chris: Chris will discuss how Ubiquiti built a scalable, multi-region metrics store with Cassandra on ephemeral cloud instances.

Owen + Christian: Owen and Christian will be walking through a 0 to Production presentation on deploying a multi-node, multi-datacenter Cassandra Cluster. Focus will be on project requirements, considerations, and technical implementation.

*Food + drinks will be served, hope to see you all there!

About Chris Maxwell:

Chris is a senior systems engineer at Ubiquiti Networks where he helps design, build, and monitor Ubiquiti's growing cloud infrastructure. He is currently focused on service delivery automation and a rapidly growing multi-region Cassandra deployment.

About Owen Morley:

Director of Infrastructure at POF

About Christian Sherwood:

Senior Systems Administrator at POF