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Data Viz meets Sustainable Energies

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Data Viz meets Sustainable Energies


Clean, renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar are ramping up worldwide at a record pace.

Data analysis and visualization is used to improve performance and efficiency of those sources.

At this Meetup we'll hear from experts in the field, how they are using data visualization to gain insights and create actions plans. How data can help spot anomalies, minimize downtime, and advance the industry.

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Kristin Vidi and Rebecka Klintström from Clir Renewables

Brian Roth from Solarmass Energy

Identifying and visualizing home energy patterns
Elena Popovici from Neurio


Doors open at 6pm.

There will be Pizza. (Courtesy of Clir Renewables)

Talks start at 6:30pm.

142 W Hastings St. · Vancouver, BC