What we're about

We’re a group of developers, designers, accessibility, usability and any other tech professionals who have an interest in digital (web, mobile, etc.) accessibility and inclusive design.

Who should join?

If you work on digital accessibility and are eager to share your knowledge, want to learn how to make your product or website accessible and inclusive of any user, and/or would like to network with like-minded professionals, our meetups are for you!

What to expect?

Our first event in September 2018 will allow us all to explore and discuss what we want this group to become and what needs we have around accessibility and inclusive design as a community. Expect to share current challenges and get to know each other!

Vancouver Digital Accessibility connects in the A11Y Slack workspace (go to web-a11y.herokuapp.com to join), in the #vancouver channel.

Past events (4)

Vancouver Digital Accessibility: August Meetup


Vancouver Digital Accessibility: May Meetup

Central 1 Credit Union

Vancouver Digital Accessibility: February Meetup
Vancouver Digital Accessibility: September Meetup

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