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This group is for digital marketers and entrepreneurs to get together to learn and discuss their most impactful tactics, ideas and insights about digital marketing.

A great opportunity to network with like minded people and learn from experts in their field. Come join us for discussions about building a web presence, social media, mobile app marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO and even about the China market.

We will also have our own dedicated WeChat group where you will be able to ask questions and expand your network worldwide.

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The Differences Between Investing, Swing Trading and Day Trading

I have released a new YouTube video. In this video I discuss 3 different ways of trading stocks and among a couple other things.

If you'd like to learn about investing or trading, then this video is for you!

If you already know about investing and trading but want some good stock picks, then this video is for you!

Yes, I actually give out stock picks in this video. :)

If you don’t care for investing but like Lamborghini cars and explosions, then this video is for you!

If you want to hear an interesting story of the big mistake I made where I turned a winning trade, of over 100% gain in a single day, into a loss of -30% overnight, then this video is for you!

You can learn to avoid making the same mistake.

Here’s the link to my second video…


After you’ve watched the video and want to talk more about trading, then feel free to join my Discord room where a couple of really good traders in there you can chat with.

Here’s the link to my Golden Express Discord room. It’s 100% free!


If you have trouble joining, then that means your IP address is banned by Discord. Just use your cellular phone internet and it should be no problem.



Secrets To Trading Options Safely And Profitably

Online event

A new video has been uploaded to my Youtube channel about options trading. If you’re not too familiar with options but just heard that it’s super risky, then you’ll need to watch it.

Here’s the link to the Youtube video…


The video is only a little over 7 minutes long. However, in that time I’ll show you how options can be traded safely. As a matter of fact, many traders say that you cannot lose with such strategies.

You’ll get to learn 3 simple option strategies that can open your mind to know that options can be traded much safer than stocks.

This video is for you if…

- You’d like to learn how to get paid to buy stocks at a lower price

- You want to get paid with your existing stock holdings…almost like free money

- You’d like to decrease your risks on option trading to almost zero

- You like to make profits on investing but worry about the high risks

- You like making money in general

Take a few minutes and watch the video. You’ll get to see one of my option trades where I made over 1800% in as little as 2 weeks. Yes, I actually show a trade statement.

You can also join my Discord trading chat room and talk with other traders by using the invitation link listed below the Youtube video in the description section.

Here’s the link to the Youtube video again…


Happy Trading!

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