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This group is for the underdogs who run digital projects in Vancouver. In other words, if you run your own web company, work as a PM or producer for a digital or advertising agency, manage an internal team at a startup or software company, do marketing, design, content, or development freelancing, or work onsite managing a company's online presence or internal applications, this group is for you. You might have noticed: PM is a hat as well as a role.

This is a community where we share tips and tricks, tools and methodologies, successes and failures, training and job opportunities, and a whole lot more.

You're in a good place full of awesome people who want to learn, share processes, and build a stronger industry. Super glad you're here.

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Setting your compass: Personal values and meaningful goals

Online event

Welcome to 2022, everyone!
A new year often feels like a place to start something new, set goals, and re-centre yourself. In light of this, the Vancouver DPM team is facilitating a values and goals event to help you get ready to have a great year. We’re hoping that despite experiencing a second pandemic winter, we can gather as a community online to think ahead as a collective.

We heard from some of our speakers last fall about the importance of knowing your personal values and using them as a guide for your career, and the importance of setting standards for yourself.
How do you know your values?
How to set goals that you’ll actually stick to this year?
We’ve got that covered.

Anyone who is interested in a bit of personal reflection and setting their goals compass for the year is going to enjoy this event.

In this workshop, we will guide you through a values inventory so you know what means the most to you. Then we’ll be discussing not just goals but a goals practice that will keep you checking in and making progress on what you hope to do this year.

- Personal values can guide your career to what makes you most satisfied
- Starting with why is a great way to craft meaningful goals
- Creating a practice of checking in on your goals helps you reach them

5:30 - 5:40 pm: Introductions & housekeeping
5:40 - 6:50 pm: Workshop
6:50 - 7:00 pm: Wrap up + next event details

Ritika Rakshit - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ritikarakshit/
A PM with a diverse background in biotechnology, healthcare and agency with a passion for people and building community.

Danniele Livengood - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dannielelivengood/
A project manager with a background in non-profit and diversity work, now exploring the world of digital PM'ing in an agency setting.

Kenny Alami - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kennyalami/
A creative project management professional passionate about games, cheese and baguettes.

Josh Davidson - https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-davidson-4416505/
A versatile project management professional with over 10 years of interdisciplinary experience driven by collaboration and innovation, and inspired by music, design, and the proportional harmonies of nature.

This event would not be possible without support from Louder Than Ten and TalentMarketplace!

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