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Welcome to Vancouver Entrepreneurs & Startup Network (VESN)!
Whether you are just starting out in the world of business or are working on business number one-hundred, the Vancouver Entrepreneurs & Startup Network's goal is to help you meet potential business partners, investors, and most importantly more clients. You are here because you know this is the best time to start your own business and you are right! Vancouver Entrepreneurs & Startup Network members include but are not limited to: startups entrepreneurs, small business owners, angel and accredited investors, venture capital managers, crowdfunding experts, and people looking to enjoy the many benefits of being their own boss! We invite you to learn more about Vancouver Entrepreneurs & Startup Network, by joining us at our next networking, pitching or raising money through (joint ventures, syndications, crowdfunding) event. Guests are always welcome and RSVP'ing is highly encouraged.

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August's BIG FUN Popular Business Networking Party via ZOOM ONLINE!

THANK YOU, Everyone! We Appreciate Your Amazing Support for our virtual events, which were Awesome! We had a great turnout of 75+ business and tech members in both May and June, so YES there are pictures for social proof and evidence. We broke the 100+ attendees barrier in July with 117 members, so WOW & We Love U! The new pics will display an attendance blowing up from 0 to 70+, 80+, 90+, and 100+ people in a few minutes. We're going to do it again, but BIGGER with even MORE members! NOTE: This will be a 100% ONLINE/VIRTUAL Fun Business Networking Party Event and we will have some cool ice breaker games for several different breakout rooms. Here’s a Golden Opportunity to have a good time and escape from this crazy stressful COVID-19! Yes YOU NEED a Real Name and U NEED to Display Your Real Face on video in real time to reduce the ZOOM Bombers, Trolls and Scammers, so we can Protect our Real Highly Valued Members! Please RSVP in advance via Meetup and ACQUIRE your FREE eTicket via the link below: https://eventchain.io/event-details/4d30534ccb3d18a933f29624346e9f92/August-s_BIG_FUN_Popular_Business_Networking_Party_via_ZOOM_Online-/?code=nate If you don't obtain your FREE eTix and submit your info (email) to us, then your RSVP in Meetup is useless! We CAN'T send you the ZOOM ID and PASSWORD without a confirmed eTicket! A "YES" RSVP here on Meetup WON'T Confirm your reservation, so please complete the few questions. After getting your FREE eTix, you will receive a confirmation email (Zoom ID link & PW within 3 days of the event) about joining. There’s a Limited Amount of Only 100 members allowed! Members will be from many different business and tech groups in both Canada and the U.S. The attendance here WON'T Be Accurate because it's cross-promoted with many different groups and social media platforms. BENEFITS & WHY Should U Attend? * Meet New People and Solve some of Your Challenges/Problems. * NO Cold Calling Needed! * GROW Your Business from your home computer. * Boost Your Sales and Increase Your Net Revenue!! * Have FUN, Mingle, and Network with Friendly like-minded people. * Strengthen Business Relationships!!! * Find some New JV Partners or More Collaborations. * Leverage & Work Smarter!!!! * RELAX with your favorite drink from your home. * NO Driving or Transit Needed Step 1: RSVP here in this group. Step 2: Then ACQUIRE Your FREE Limited eTicket before they’re gone! (No you don’t need to print it out, so let’s save some trees and be environmental-friendly. Go Green!) https://eventchain.io/event-details/4d30534ccb3d18a933f29624346e9f92/August-s_BIG_FUN_Popular_Business_Networking_Party_via_ZOOM_Online-/?code=nate We encourage u to make a small donation of whatever u deem fit to help us cover our event creation and management operating costs. How? Via PayPay to: “[masked]” Also some other awesome groups to join are: www.meetup.com/my-internet-startups/ www.meetup.com/mix-mingle-and-make-new-friends/ www.meetup.com/my-personal-and-business-development-groups/ If you have any ideas, questions, and/or comments for making things better, then please contact me via “[masked]” We look forward to seeing you soon, Earl Flormata and "Team" Nathan Wong and “the Angels”

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