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I'm stepping down with MeetUp as organizer and beginning a new future with some great projects in 2021.

2020 will definitely be a year to remember. With all that has happened, we've all made sacrifices. We've made changes, adjusted and adapted.

With investments, congrats to those who invested heavily the day after Mar. 19th. A special congrats to all who invested in ETH and Bitcoin and who quadrupled their investments.

I always believe in, "never burn your bridges". Stay close to people who lift you up. Someone who listens, who provide's support with life-changing advice. My life has been changed by my great friend J.L. ("Thank you J, you know I love you man!").

Finding quality people in this world is very rare. Stay in contact with me. I am well connected with truly great people who might possibly change your life.Email me & just say, "Let's stay in touch".

If you're looking for work or career, I might be able to help (I know a few business owners),- Looking for safe investments? I can share with you what I'm doing, (I am NOT an Investment advisor),- Looking for what is trending as a business, let's talk. As a business advisor, my advice is free.

May the choices you make in your life bless you in many ways. May you live with abundance!

Keep in touch.

Albert e: AmazingGlobalBusiness@gmail.com

*** This is a group was originally set up for any entrepreneurs wanting to: ***

• increase revenue

• buy or sell a business

• increase the valuation of their company

• seek advice from a group of board of directors

• learn more about leadership, management, marketing, finance, operations, sales

• Invest in companies in IOT, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Financial Strategies, etc.

• network business to business

Some discussions at future meet ups:

* Do you get stuck on which direction you should lead your company during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

* Have you re-invented yourself & your business during this crisis? If not, what is preventing you?

* Do you consult with like-minded business associates?

* If the blockchain technology was implemented with your competition, will your company survive?

* Where will your clients be when technological change happens?

All business owners & self employed individuals are welcome. I started this group to build a community of like minded, positive people. Our mission is to help each other achieve our entrepreneurial dreams.

Due to cover-19, we must "re-invent" how we meet up. We're now using "Zoom" media to interact.

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