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*New changes in joining this workshop By joining this workshop you agreeing to follow these rules or please remove your self immediately*

Hello team, it has come to my attention that some photographers (model)-come or came to the workshop to recruit photographers for other workshops or to copy this workshop.


if you sign up/RSVP and then "CANCEL" WITHOUT any message or call you get two chances and then you're out. This drastic sounding move but sorry we have to at this point

This workshop was designed as a space for networking, fun and to create.If your reasons for coming to this workshop is creating negativity and takes away from the workshop you will be banned immediately moving forward.

WORKING OR HIRING MODELS FROM THE WORKSHOPWorking with models privately is completely accepted in this group however if you turn the model against the workshop or if something happens while shooting on private shoot with the model that affects our workshop flow or energy or bring drama or trash talk to this workshop you will get banned.

*Please communicate anything you need or want or not happy about as this is the only way for me to know how to make changes or grow.

*If you come to this workshop to create drama and not communicating what you need during the workshop but go and gossip instead you will be banned.


Those who come to the workshop to create controversy will be removed immediately without warning


Our goal is to build team work and culture of love community in vancouver. This is a meetup for people who wants to come together and collaborate and we all create amazing opportunities as we go along. Help each other network etc. Any great ideas are welcome as well.


This group is a place for photographers, artists, models, creatives to work collaboratively to create some amazing photos If you have any interest in the photography world, please join us. This is not only a group for Muas, models, Actors, Publishers & photographers

Everything is supplied, all you do is show up and shoot! An incredible opportunity to add to your portfolio. This model photography/videography workshop is designed for competent and experienced amateur or semi-pro photographers who looking to shoot models and learn under some creative direction without the expense of hiring models, organizing the shoot, hair an make-up, purchasing or hiring lighting, and finding a studio space. Add all that up and you’ll see this workshop is amazing value.

This is a one-of-a-kind photography workshop. A dedicated studio set up with a selection of soft boxes and beauty dishes, camera triggers and backdrops ready to go. A dedicated natural light shooting space. Great opportunities for outdoor shooting with brickwork facades, alleys and streetscapes and off-camera flash scenarios. *3 female models, one male model. *Photoshoot director *Makeup artist/stylist *Videographer

Creative director Wendy - Upscale&Fun

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