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-What we put on our bodies becomes part us. Clothes are one of the oldest technologies that allowed human to flourish all over the planet.

-Due to our social and symbolic nature, our clothes, tools and accessories serve us as a way to express our personalities, believes and, history.

-Fashion is at the utmost edge of artistic expression/desire to expand our selves. Fueled by an economic force which facilitates its evolution.

-In this day and age technology has connected us across large distances and made us more aware of events and things previously unseen.

-As many of us have already begun to notice is appears to be that technology and fashion are destined to merge seamlessly as tech miniaturizes and becomes smarter than ever before

-The fashion and tech industry have much to learn from each other. One one hand new techniques and tools can facilitate fashion in the creation of more personalized and cost-effective products. And fashion can improve the acceptance of new technology by presenting them in a seamless socially congruent style.

-Here artist and technologists can unite and learn from each other and collaborate in the exiting creation of new fashion tech product which have the potential to enhance communication and what it means to be human.

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