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While the name may come off as trite or vague, I think it's the most effective and appropriate way to gather Vancouverites that would like to discuss issues that go beyond partisan topics and talking points. While I have a libertarian bent, the idea isn't to simply gather a room full of people that align themselves perfectly with this philosophy. Rather, this group is designed for anyone who is willing and open-minded enough to consider/reconsider social, political, and economic issues that many are too inflexible to even explore. I personally have been heavily influenced by public intellectuals like Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson. While some if not many of their opinions and ideas may not appeal to you personally, the point of referencing these two is to serve as a model for how to approach opposing viewpoints charitably and in good faith. For anyone familiar with Harris, he has often been attacked in the press for opinions that he doesn't even hold. Rather, news outlets are all too eager to strawman his arguments, mischaracterize him, and take his words out of context in order to draw more eyeballs. This is simply the nature of a large percentage of the press, where scandalous and clickbate headlines are the norm. What I intend to promote is the practice of "steel-manning" one's arguments. This is the idea of presenting and challenging the best form of an opponent's arguments. In an era where many are being boxed into their dogmatic and partisan corners, a large number of other people are being exposed to new ideas and perspectives in a way that was never even possible before the internet. This group is intended to embrace that latter group. Free speech and respect should be the common thread in every single discussion held in this meetup.

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Universal Basic Income discussion

Vancouver Public Library, Central Library

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