• Universal Basic Income discussion

    Vancouver Public Library, Central Library

    Hey everyone, I thought for our first meetup that we could discuss Universal Basic Income. For anyone that's unfamiliar, it's a proposal to provide all citizens of a country or a geographic area with a certain amount of money, regardless of income level, net worth, or job status. This relatively new model has gained a lot of publicity as of late and it's only growing with US presidential candidate Andrew Yang making it a central part of his platform. A few municipalities, states, and countries have already experimented with it and it's starting to become what many believe to be the only real alternative to the widespread automation that will inevitably occur and already is occurring in many sectors and occupations. I'll try and reserve a room at the library and hopefully that will be able to accomodate everyone. For now, I think it would be best to plan to meet outside the Blenz until I can get confirmation about the private room.