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Intro to Modern JavaScript - Jamon Holmgren

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Nate V.


In this talk, I will introduce the most important features of modern JavaScript and contrast them to legacy JavaScript. With 15 years of JavaScript experience, I will explain how the language has evolved to meet the demands of modern apps, from web to server-side to native mobile apps.

6:30pm - Pizza and drinks
7:00pm - Intros and General business items
7:05pm - Speaker
7:45pm - QA and hangout

About our Speaker:

Jamon Holmgren is a co-founder and CTO of Infinite Red, a fully-remote mobile app and web app consulting company. He lives in Brush Prairie with his wife Chyra and their four kids. He's on the React Native core team and very active in open source.
1901 Main St · Vancouver, WA
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