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Haskell Lunch Study Group • Spring '18 Cohort
*IMPORTANT:* ============== * THIS IS THE SPRING '18 COHORT, and is already most of the way through the book! If you're getting started, there's is a Tuesday group starting fresh. * be sure to read the agreements ( before RSVP * Join the #hffp-workshop channel on VanDev Slack for announcements and help, get an invite via * There are two (3) cohorts running at the same time (2x evening, 1x lunch) * Pictures will be taken at the event and will be published on the Meetup event Lunch Cohort ========= Prep: Required Reading Getting back into context after the summer away! No required readings this week, but please review material from the last series of sessions and come prepared with questions! Your laptop to work on exercises with others in the group • Important to know The Vancouver Functional Programming Meetup is sponsoring a space where people interested in learning the language can work together doing exercises from the book Haskell From First Principles ( Participants are expected to have their own copy of the book, and do all required readings and [at least attempt the] exercises before group sessions. Can't afford the book? (ex. you're a student) Let us know and we'll try to find you a book sponsor.


#420 - 725 Granville Street · Vancouver, BC

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VanFP is a general functional programming community gathering space for people of all levels. Activities include helping people looking for support starting when learning functional language(s), techniques & concepts, people to explore their nth functional language, experienced people to mentor and give back, or looking to connect with other people on projects.

We will be looking for speakers on general topics or intros to specific functional languages. If anyone has an interesting project or question, please feel free to post on the meetup page!

We cultivate a safe space, where everyone is welcome. This is not a competitive sport! We share a passion, and help each other flourish in our endeavours.

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