• Quantum Touch Level 1 The Power to heal

    Needs a location

    This is a 2 day event April 6th and 7th from 9:30 to 5:30 both days. It is an amazing experience to feel Quantum Touch energy. I have experienced it first hand, from our instructors Paul and Kathie Scott. They are Senior Instructors and Mentors of Quantum Touch. In just a few hours, they can show you how to use breath and energy awareness to amplify your life force to re-align bones, relieve pain, and put the power to heal into your own hands. In Quantum touch we use the scientific principals of resonance and entrainment to create powerful, yet natural field of healing energy. Did you know, your body has the unfathomable energy to heal itself? You will be amazed by the many profound physical and emotional healings that can be achived with Quantum Touch. For mor information or to register, visit www.quantumlife.ca/quantum-touch Please reference your registration in Notes as coming from this meet-up of from Peter Caron. The Early Bird discounted price will still be honoured.

  • Fun with Lasers

    The Holiday Inn and Suites

    I have used these LASERs for a few years, and have seen what some people would call miracles using them. I would like to share their benefits with you. Come experience a revolutionary non-linear approach to quantum wellness based on the proven science of the Quantum field or energy which surrounds the body . This seminar will introduce you to the easy to use tools for clearing stress and tension using this non-linear energy of the universe for health and rejuvenation and the remarkable Scalar wave LASER as a tool to donate photonic energy for pain relief, circulation and inflammation. There will be a presentation on the theory, and demonstrations of the Scaler LASERs at work, and some may be available for purchase as well at the end of the night. The event is at the Holiday Inn and Suites at 700 Old Lilloet Road in North Vancouver at 6:30 pm Please register with Peter Caron at the door.

  • Practicing Personal Mastery with Sujith Ravindran

    Vital Health Medical & Wellness

    oin Sujith Wednesdays evenings from 7:00PM-8:30PM for 'Practicing Personal Mastery with Sujith Ravindran'. This is an ongoing transformative self-development series that takes participants into their core essence beneath all their stories, patterns and pre-conditioning. Each 90 minute session includes 30 minutes each of meditation practice & training, practice of personal transformation techniques, and penetrating self-enquiry. Each evening a safe space will be created to study; Mastery of pain, rage, resentment, stress, anxiety… Life of abundance vs. scarcity Forgiveness, compassion & love as operating principles Simple, conscious living that brings deep meaning Gratitude as a way of living Anything you wish to illuminate in your own life…. BRING YOUR OWN LIFE QUESTIONS IF YOU WISH IT TO BE ILLUMINATED BY THE WISDOM OF THE SAGES. For more on Sujith, please see his page or visit www.sujithravindran.com. ****************************************************************************************************** SUJITH RAVINDRAN is the bestselling author of 'MATURE MASCULINITY: Man's Inner Essence' and a scholar of the Indian spiritual sciences. He supports individuals and groups in personal mastery, including the practice of meditation and inner leadership. He is renowned across North America, Europe and India as a specialist in East-West wisdom, and is a guide to many business & political leaders. For his efforts in advancing spiritual growth in Italy, in 2012 he was awarded the honour of AMBASSADOR OF PEACE. Sujith has a very realistic and humorous approach to life and a unique way of sharing spiritual matters in a light-hearted way. For more information on Sujith, his service and his program schedule, please visit www.sujithravindran.com. ****************************************************************************************************** ADD: 1855 W 4th Ave, Vancouver Open to all levels. Donations welcome. For info: [masked]

  • Intuitive Hot Stone/Crystals Massage Class

    The Healing Emblem Wellness Space

    Intuitive Massage Class (Hot Stone) Sunday, November 22nd,[masked]:00 AM to 6:00 PM At The Healing Emblem Wellness Space 2910 Commercial Drive (Upstairs), Office 7, Vancouver, BC Third door on the left. The one with autumn leaves on it and the number 7 Price: CAD[masked] /per person No Refunds Intuitive massage is where the practitioner connects energetically to the participant on the massage table/bed and massages to release energy blockages and restore or balance the flow of energy within the body. Incorporating hot stones in an intuitive massage allows for a deeper, more thorough mind-body-spirit experience. Stones and crystals have their own healing energy to help balance disturbances within the physical body and energetic body. This class is a 7 hour class. Max 4 participants. Each participant will give and receive a 90min massage. (If you prefer female only, please message me) I will assist and demonstrate throughout the class. The class focuses on Swedish massage techniques and hot stone therapy. There is no certification with this class. There is a 30min lunch break. We will watch a hot stone DVD tutorial. You will also receive a gift bag of massage essentials and a more in depth information packet to take home with you. PRICE: The early bird price is $105. After the 1st of November the price goes up to $125. Payment is required to sign up. If you are signing up after the earlybird special and have a friend that would like to sign up with you, it will be $225 for the both of you. 1. You can send the amount with paypal directly through meetup or and you can use your credit card, if you don't have a paypal account through this link https://www.facebook.com/Jeysics/app_195646697137509 Paypal is secure. Or use www.jeheyvy.com/projects 2. You can send an e-transfer. Please message me and I'll provide the email address. 3. You can stop by before the 17th at The Healing Emblem (call me at[masked]) and pay in cash. Because of the limited space I require payment beforehand so that no on is left without a partner. WHAT IS COVERED IN THE CLASS: • How to set up the room, bed and prepare the hot stones • How to prepare yourself energetically • Basic Swedish massage and hot stone techniques • Manipulating energy during a massage • Connect through your clairs • Chakras • Oils and essential oils • Hot Stones and Crystals • How to clean and cleanse after yourself and your client as well as the hot stones. PREPARATION: Shower beforehand, have fresh clothes and shoes,, brush teeth, show up on time, be respectful. Any inappropriate behavior will result in your being immediately asked to leave the class (no refunds offered) FACILITATOR: Jehey Vy studied esthetics and massage at BSOM. She is a licensed esthetician for over 8 years who has also been teaching developing intuition, energy healing and massage for the last 5 years. She owns and operates The Healing Emblem where I offer hot stone massage, intuitive massage, and Swedish massage as well as energy healing, life coaching and psychic mentoring. Her spiritual youtube channel has been offering tools, techniques and guidance for the past 6 years. For more please see the following links http://www.jeheyvy.com http://www.facebook.com/jeysics http://www.meetup.com/SpiRitual-Artistry https://www.facebook.com/HealingEmblem https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpiritualArtistMaster http://www.youtube.com/jevixdluv

  • Grow Your Business

    Boston Pizza Big Bend #23


    Join us for friendly, casual networking lunch. Discover the Ideal Way to Grow Your Business. We help business owners’ network together to build a strong business community that will promote prosperity and success, by working with each other. A happy person is someone who is physically healthy and financially healthy. Meetup schedule • 11:15 Sign in for registration • Casual networking until 11:45 • Lunch orders are taken (each pays for their own order) • Welcome and announcements from meeting leaders • 30 second introductions • Door prizes Draw • Casual networking and conversation over lunch Meetup fee is $5 Note: You must RSVP for this event.

  • Marketing Workshop - Get more business from your website

    Best Western Coquitlam Inn Convention Centre


    Your website is the most valuable marketing tool you have – this workshop will help you make the most of it. • Learn the 7 elements you need to make your website generate leads and customers • Learn how to fit your website into your marketing STRATEGY • Experience live website assessments (we’ll provide feedback and examples of what works and what doesn’t) and bring your questions – we’ll answer them! Note: this is a marketing workshop, not a technical workshop! There will be no cryptic “geek speak” or jargon overload. We had over 50 people attend the last workshop - a great networking opportunity in a comfortable venue. (You'll be seated at round tables in small groups.) Easy access to highway and skytrain - free parking!

  • Marketing Action Plan Workshop & Mastermind

    Best Western Coquitlam Inn Convention Centre


    Your results this year will depend on your ability to attract new clients This is a full day training for solo entrepreneurs and is especially relevant to health and wellness professionals who would like to achieve better results with their marketing. Tuition for the entire day is only $20. Morning: Marketing Assessment & Action Plan • Learn the vital pieces you need in place in order to make your marketing work • Assess your current marketing to determine what’s working, what isn’t and what needs to be changed • Put together a Marketing Action Plan that outlines exactly what needs to be done (and when you’ll do it!) Afternoon: Marketing Action Club Mastermind Event Once per month, I hold a Marketing Mastermind Event for my Marketing Action Club members. You’re invited to attend once as a guest to try it out. Some of the things we do at these meetings: • Goal setting and accountability • Business spotlights and marketing makeovers Marketing discussion, feedback and brainstorming Seating is limited to 40 people and I expect this to sell out UPDATE: I booked a larger room! We now have room for 60 people - there are still a couple seats left. I don’t believe in “bait and switch” events where there is a promise to deliver content, but instead you get a sales pitch. This is an opportunity to get to know me and experience what I offer. Your investment is only $20 for the entire day. If you can’t spare the entire day, you are welcome to attend either the morning or afternoon.

  • Free Webinar: Beat the Summer Slump

    From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

  • Workshop: How to make money as a speaker

    Justice Institute of BC

    Are you a speaker? (Or do you use speaking to promote your business?) If so, I am giving a workshop at All Pro Toastmasters that you might be interested in. Part 1: Marketing! Getting the word out This is a 2 part workshop. The first half will be about marketing: how to get your name out and promote yourself. Part 2: Developing cool things to sell The second half will be about developing products and services you can offer for sale. You will see examples of what some of our All Pro members are selling (and have the opportunity to ask questions!) This is an interactive workshop – expect to leave with some exciting ideas for YOUR speaking business. Workshop fee is $10 - please bring cash at the door. (Fee will be waived if you decide to join our club!)

  • Free Webinar: how to attract clients with content marketing

    From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

    Content marketing = sharing free and valuable content that converts prospects into customers. This is an ideal way for service professionals to market their businesses! Learn how content marketing can: • Help improve your search engine rankings. • Convert prospects into customers. • Make you stand out as the expert in your field. • Build your Know, Like and Trust factors – so that people will do business with YOU. More importantly, learn the HOW: • How to create great content (the kind that gets shared) • How to save time and create (good!) content quickly • How to plan and organize your content marketing • How to re-purpose and re-use your content You’ll even learn how you can build additional streams of revenue by getting people to PAY for your content. To attend the webinar, sign in here at 10:30: http://www.anymeeting.com/HolisticMarketing If you'd like the recording, please register here: http://pattyk.com/marketing-courses/free-webinar-attract-clients-blogging-content-marketing/