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Experience the beauty of the heart. Come try it for yourself and discover the joy of Meditation.

Our group offers a simple and effective system of heart-based meditation. Experience an online guided meditation session for yourself ( http://heartfulness.org/ ).

Join us for an introduction and answers to your questions, or email us at vancouver.bc@heartfulness.org or use the Meetup messaging function.

All are welcome to try this meditation method. There is no charge for meditation. Email us for an introduction at one of our weekly group meditations on Sunday at 9:00 AM or Wednesday at 7:30 PM at 3605 Commercial St, Vancouver, or for any questions that you have. There are also other group meditations in Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and Fort Langley on a weekly basis.


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Holding Hope in the Heart

Live Online Webinar

Hope is a concept that we are all familiar with, but it may be more elusive to understand than we first assume. It has been studied considerably in North America but far less on other continents, we will discuss why this is important. Hope is experienced at the intersection of conditions or goals we desire to achieve and the perception of our ability to achieve them. Having hope does not mean life will conform to what we want to have happen, or wish for, but it is positively associated with higher success in attaining our goals. In this webinar, Holding Hope in the Heart, we will explore; What is hope? How do you hold hope for yourself? How do you hold hope for others? Speaker : Alison Granger Brown Alison’s education began with Nursing in 1975 in London England, returning to school in 1997 and becoming a Recreation Therapist (RT). She went on to gain an MA in Training and Leadership in 2007. She also completed an MA in Human Development and has a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. Her organizational experience began as an entrepreneur, building a retail business in the specialty food area which she sold before returning to school for the Diploma in RT. She has worked in both federal and provincial corrections for over twenty years in multiple capacities. At this time, she is working in maximum security with First Nations men. The combination of this education and work/life experience is the basis of her ongoing interest in issues relating to incarcerated people as well as organizational culture, wellness, and leadership. She approaches these areas through an appreciative inquiry, solutions focused lens and based on transformative learning principles for growth and change. HOPE: One Prisoners Emancipation is the title of her dissertation and a significant focus of her research and current writing. she is currently a consultant and trainer for ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership and Workplace Performance and delivers seminars on Emotional Intelligence among many other topics. He has been practicing Heartfulness meditation for 6 years now. She is also a Certified Heartfulness Yoga trainer. Watch Live on Facebook at the time and date above: https://www.facebook.com/heartfulnesswebinars/

Featured Webinar: Heartful Presentation Skills to get your message across

One of our previous online webinars, no longer live. This webinar lasts about 66 minutes. Tune in any day or any time despite what the limitations of Meetup's scheduling allows. The Featured Webinar changes monthly, but if you missed one you wanted to see, you can still access it using the link on the webinar description in "Past Events". This webinar will cover the fundamentals of delivering an effective presentation and getting your message across, using Heartful Presentation techniques. It will cover basic skills across Body Language, Voice Modulation, Using Pause, Presence, Empathy and Impact. Participants will get a basic understanding of the elements that make up a great presentation. Key Takeaways: Learn the appropriate body language for public speaking and presentations Learn how to modulate your voice for maximum projection, clarity and effectiveness. Learn how to use the power of pause. Learn how to develop and utilize your presence. Learn the importance of empathy for presentations. Understand what creates an overall impact and how to ensure this with your presentations. Ravi Venkatesan is an Atlanta based Technology Leader serving currently as Chief Technology Officer at Bridge2 Solutions. He is a regular public speaker on Technology and Wellness topics, and also public speaking coach. He is a heart based meditation instructor, and is passionate about applying meditation to improve workplace relationships and productivity. He has conducted several wellness programs for multiple companies. Ravi is also a regular panelist and speaker on leadership topics at events including Supernova Atlanta, Georgia Tech Leadership Conference, TAG CIO Round Tables, and the Georgia CIO Leadership Association. Webinar Link Any Time: https://heartfulness.org/webinar/pearl-webinar-series/heartful-presentation-skills-to-get-your-message-across/ Don't miss the webinar notes under the link "Heartful Presentation Skills to get your message across" just below the webinar screen.

Featured Webinar: A Western woman's Spiritual Adventure in Modern India

One of our previous online webinars, no longer live. This webinar lasts about 67 minutes. Tune in any day or any time despite what the limitations of Meetup's scheduling allows. The Featured Webinar changes monthly, but if you missed one you wanted to see, you can still access it using the link on the webinar description in "Past Events". In this webinar, Lisbeth will talk about what made her travel all the way from Denmark to India in the first place. She will share about the infinite treasures and experiences she found in India. She will talk about her joy, passion and intuition and ability help others through her book. She will share practical tips to let one’s heart guide us in this search for happiness and truth, and fulfilling one’s life purpose. Overview & Key Takeaway: Learning to listen to the heart. Understanding the secrets of the heart and harnessing its wisdom. How to let happiness find you and the way to eternal happiness. How the East and the West merge to integrate Science and Spirituality for the greater good. An experiential session of Heartfulness Relaxation and meditation Ms. Lisbeth Ejlertsen, a published author of the book, “The Spiritual Wisdom of India, Volume 1” and other books, quit her electronics engineering career in 1991, to start the FLOW Institute which is a consulting organization, empowering individuals and groups to listen to the voice of the heart, through focused and customized courses.During this time, she also began writing, painting and working as a trauma therapist. Lisbeth has been meditating for at least 30 years, following a spiritual path and master for more than 20 years, and has visited India more than 20 times in order to explore the richness of the spiritual wisdom the country offers. These days Lisbeth lives in Vrads, a small village surrounded by beautiful Danish countryside and close to the Heartfulness Meditation Center where she continues to absorb herself in the infinite paths of development of the heart.She is also a certified Heartfulness Trainer devoting a lot of time in Heartfulness sessions and workshops. Webinar Link Any Time: https://heartfulness.org/webinar/glow-webinar-series/a-western-womans-spiritual-adventure-in-modern-india/

Featured Webinar: Would meditation help with depression and anxiety

Are you creating your own misery? For many today we struggle to keep up with the pace of modern living leaving us feeling inadequate, anxious and maybe even depressed. We want to blame this on something or someone but perhaps the answer lies closer… maybe even within. Is it possible that that we have lost touch with our own true essence and artificially adopted an unhealthy agenda? Let’s explore the value of Heartfulness Meditation in reconnecting and mastering our own happiness as a solution. Dr. Gary Huber spent 20 years as an Emergency Medicine physician before evolving his practice to integrative care. Integrative medicine is the pursuit of ideal health by seeking and reversing the cause of illness, by going beyond the simple reduction of symptoms. Dr. Huber was honored with a “Leadership Award” , by Cincinnati based Venue magazine for his work in integrative medicine. Dr. Huber mentors physicians across the U.S. in the pursuit of an integrative medical vision. Webinar Link Any Time: https://heartfulness.org/webinar/pearl-webinar-series/would-meditation-help-with-depression-and-anxiety/

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