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This group - formerly known as "Vancouver IDW - Peterson Harris Shapiro Weinstein ..." - is being revived and is morphing towards including more meetings related to Cryptocurrencies and other digitization-related topics.

When created, this group was primarily geared towards IDW (Intellectual Dark Web) related topics, but is now more broadly focused on discussing issues in Politics, History, Philosophy, Sociology and Economics, as well as meetings related to Crypto and technology.

The IDW is a diverse group of fascinating intellectuals who speak about important and controversial topics such as religion, gender, immigration and the nature of consciousness. Also they are for free speech and against political correctness.

Dark in IDW refers to the fact that mainstream media rarely mentions them, but there are a few exceptions as in Jordan Peterson's interview with Dr. Oz: https://bit.ly/2pAF1Hj
Documentary on the IDW: https://bit.ly/2BkxLov

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Andrew Tate: Good or bad for men/women and society?

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In case you haven’t heard, the latest person to be cancelled by all of the social media companies, is a very loud, opinionated, (masculine?), (misogynist?), and successful (?), person named Andrew Tate.

He came to my attention AFTER he got banned from everywhere. From what I’ve seen, most of his content seems to be empowering towards young men. He holds some questionable opinions regarding men and women, and their respective places in society, but does this justify a world wide ban, and “cancellation”, of his personhood?

Bring your opinions, and let’s discuss, in the spirit of free speech.

Here are some videos, showing a brief glimpse into his opinions. Google/YouTube for more.

Tate on why he got banned and COVID:

YMH’s podcast:

Tate motivational:

Reasons Russia invaded Ukraine and what it means

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A war between Russia and the USA is a scary thought, but looks like a possibility as the war and situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate. What are the real reasons this is happening? Let’s discuss.

Some thoughts/questions to consider:

  1. Is Putin a crazy person?
  2. What does the history in the region, the Soviet Union and the fall of communism have to do with todays conflicts?
  3. What role does the USA play in this conflict, historically and currently?
  4. How to resolve this standoff?

Here are some videos for some context and background. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Dave Smith on Joe Rogan:

Jordan Peterson comments on Putin

JP on Lex’s podcast

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Podcast Discussion. Social media: Narcissism in action?

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